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Independent safeguarding advocacy services

ProSkillz Advocacy Services

Offering support and clarity on issues affecting children and families. 

A growing area for us at ProSkillz, is our Advocacy Services; this provision supports children and families to understand some of the issues which may be impacting on their lives. ProSkillz Advocacy is about speaking up for children and young people, making sure that their rights are respected and their views are heard in decisions which affect them, and also supporting children and young people to speak up for themselves.

When Children’s Services are involved with families about the care and protection of a child, they must involve the family in making decisions and plans about their child. Exactly how they will do this depends on why they are involved with a child and the situation. There are laws and guidance that social workers, for example, and other professionals should follow when involving families in making plans for their children and how families may be able to use an 'advocate' to support them should also be an option.


ProSkillz, being independent, will work with services and organisations to help ensure that our independent advocacy services are in place to help protect children from abuse and harm, and equally we are about making sure interventions are appropriate, proportionate, and recognise, respect and work within family values, cultural beliefs, ethnicity and background. Our advocacy services referrals can be made by any organisation, parent, or in some cases, young people can self-refer for our support.

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What do our advocacy services include?

Support Groups

Independent advocates

Portrait of young woman helping a child

Offering support and assistance 

  • We can support both children and parents in understanding the statutory child protection system and act as a representative at conferences, core group meetings and other meetings where support may be required.

  • We can attend and support those difficult meetings such as in schools where your child’s behaviour and future may be at risk.

  • We can act as a mediator where there are family conflicts for example.

  • We can set up focus groups for young people to share difficult experiences and learn how to manage conflict and behavioural issues

  • We can attend home visits, and listen/help to resolve issues.

  • In relation to child services involvement, we can be contacted to explain to parents/children about what is happening and can ensure their thoughts and wishes are being represented.

  • We offer support to and gain the trust of the children and families.

  • We can give support at police stations for statements.

  • We can offer advocacy support to children, parents, or foster carers in need of support.

To find out more, please contact the ProSkillz team in Birmingham today. 

For support on issues that may be impacting your or your child's life, speak to ProSkillz about our independent advocacy services.

Call or email our team based in Birmingham today.

0121 803 3515

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